From January 2017 - We're delighted to offer guests the option of traditional English Afternoon or High Teas experience in the Farmhouse.

         "Delux! The best we've had anywhere!"
                Marilyn & Brooklyn-Rose Aug 2017

Ideal for a private, quiet celebration, our Teas are also a welcome option after a long journey, or an alternative to self-catering or setting off out to find a restaurant. Secluded, civilised and scrumptious, no more than what you'd expect from an invitation to Tea. What a treat!

This is a "trip down memory lane" for some; a whole new experience for others - back to the days when meals were eaten as a family at the table, a time for polite conversation, sharing of news and good food lovingly prepared.

Afternoon Tea 3.30 - 5pm
Step back into the early 20th Century and "take tea" at the house where the pretty table will be laid with bone china and silver cutlery, or on sunny afternoons sit out on the terrace overlooking the orchard below. Expect cups and saucers, teapots and strainers, cube sugar and white damask napkins, and just a hint of the 1920s and'30s. There are always fresh flowers and as dusk falls, we'll light candles and oil lamps.

High Tea 6 - 7.30pm

The Forester's "Dinner" happened at what we now call "lunchtime", so when our working men arrived home in the evenings they were ready for a meal!
Our High Teas are filling affairs, not for the faint-hearted or calorie-shy! You're stepping back to the 1950s - "You've never had it so good" times, when rationing was a thing of the past, men were men and women were in the kitchen. Here at Maytree, water was drawn from a well and heated on the range, the lavatory was a bucket in the privy, cider was made and stored in The Apple Store and the obligatory pigs lived in pens beneath the garden wall. We won't be drawing a bath by the fire for you or directing you to bucket in the privy, but you can still toast crumpets and muffins on toasting forks by the hearth in winter, and enjoy them "red hot" with good Forest of Dean butter and jam.

Food Allergies: Tell Mary when you book!
We cater for gluten-free, lactose-free, vegetarian and vegan diets in our domestic kitchen, which is not guaranteed a nut-free zone.

No Fast-Food here! You're stepping away from frothy coffee land and into the time when the tea-pot is warmed and loose-leaf tea is given time to brew. Our own expert advises on regional tea and coffee specialities, and even which water to use. What's our secret? Time, love and care, with a healthy dose of experience.
If you like your coffee frothy, sweet and full of chemically enhanced flavourings you're in the wrong place.
This is Traditional English Country culture exclusively for you.

Afternoon Tea Menu


Open sandwiches/rolls, all on home-made bread

Cream Cheese & Severn/Wye Smoked salmon

Cucumber with crab-apple jelly

Ham with Apple Chutney

Egg mayonaise & cress


Coffee & Walnut cream

Lemon Drizzle

Chocolate & banana brownies


Scones, clotted cream & jam

Sweets - all with fresh fruit and cream

Home-made lemon jelly/Brown bread ice-cream/Junket


High Tea Menu

Welsh Rarebit
Tasty Cheddar cheese melted with beer & Mustard, then toasted on a doorstep of home-made bread

Scrambled eggs & smoked salmon
Creamy free-range scrambled eggs served on toast with a generous garnish of local smoked salmon and home-grown herbs.

Ham and Cheese
Tasty local ham, toasted mature cheddar and a relish of sticky apple chutney on toasted home-baked bread.

Fruit cake
Often eaten with a chunk of good cheddar cheese

Victoria Sponge
With home-made jam and cream filling

In winter, toast crumpets and muffins on toasting forks by the fire.

Trifle or Ice-cream
Fresh fruit bowl

As far as possible we use locally grown ingredients, preferably home-grown from our own garden.
To book, just contact us with a date and any special dietary requirements.
Teas are served exclusively for guests at The Apple Store and Gypsy Rose and need to be booked at least 24hrs in advance.

Celebrations: we can provide birthday candles on request.
Bring your own alcohol, but let us know and we'll happily provide glasses.
Dress for the occasion or come as you are!