Forest Cottage Lifestyle is your chanve to make some changes to the way you live, starting right here, right now.

Our philosophy: Why buy new when old is better made, better suited to older property and more characterful?

Inspired by our home at Maytree Cottage which was built around 1820 Forest Cottage Lifestyle/Jannus Interiors takes everyday things from the past and gives them new life in the future. From late Georgian through Victorian, Arts & Crafts, Art Deco, Wartime and post-war, it's all about learning from History and applying old skills to modern-day, "green" living. It's all about having period furniture and furnishings in old property becasue they fit the buildings, they're well-made and they'll last.

It's all about having nothing in your home which is not useful or beautiful.  

Browse our selection of past-times items  below, or if you are seeking something for your period home, just ask - we may have it or know where you can find it.

From china dinner services to butter knives, baskets to bushel-boxes, from sugar-sifters to canteens of cutlery, sewing sets to cut-glass crystal, our collection of ordinary, everyday things which were loved, admired and used and are ready and waiting to enhance your home.

And when your home is your garden too, we offer a selection of traditional English Country Garden plants including flowers, shrubs, trees and vegetables as well as quirky garden furnishings and ideas for outdoor living.

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Better yet, drop us an email and ask if we've got what you're looking for. Listed below are some of the things currently in stock...

William Morris wallpaper - various oddments

Prints, engravings and maps (various from 1870)

Large pine farmhouse table (probably French)

Brass Toasting forks, chestut roasters, strainers.