In the beech woods nearby
Gypsy Rose, the Wagon by the Waterfall
Inside its cosy and warm
A room with a view!
Good food fresh from the garden
There's always someone to help with the fire
    A Day Out with a Difference!

      NEW Gypsy Wagon Experience Days

Ideal for intimate Birthday celebrations, basic bush-craft taster days or just for fun, we are delighted to offer our Gypsy Wagon Experience Days.

You'll spend your day chopping wood, learning to build a fire, gathering herbs, foraging for food and living life at a gentler pace. By the time you leave you'll have cooked yourselves a hearty meal over a wood fire, baked bread and learned to live without electricity, WiFi or so much as an electric kettle. We promise, you'll survive, and go home feeling full of good food and smugly self-satisfied. Try it - you might like it!


Arrival: 10.30 am Coffee/Tea & "Elevenses"
We'll start your day the Forest way with a brew and bacon bap by the fire, oh, and a jug of our best Farmhouse cider to help the work along, giving you plenty of time before getting behind the wheel and the drive home.

11am: Introducing Wood - learn to identify different trees and which wood works best. You'll have all afternoon to chop your own wood for your fire, gather kindling from the Forest nearby or even try your hand at carving or wood-art.

11.30am: Bread-making Part 1: Learn to make your own bread and set it to "rise"; you'll be back later to finish the job!

12 noon: Food for Free: Introducing the edible - starting with a tour of the garden you'll get a guide to what's edible and in season, ripe for picking in the Forest.

The afternoon is all yours - take yourselves for a walk in the woods nearby where you might meet a wild boar, deer or adder; collect some sticks for kindling, forage for food or try your photography skills - Autumn, Winter and Spring are the best times for Wildlife-watching. Remember, you'll need to have wood chopped, fires set and everything that needs to be done in daylight completed before...

3.30pm; Lighting-up time! Get that fire started and dinner on!  Bread Hedgehogs will be baked and ready to go with your own hearty stew & baked apples. As dusk turns to dark light the lanterns and hunker down in the wagon or sit out under the stars to enjoy your meal.

9.00pm: Departure. We'll set you on your way with a bag-full of local goodies and send over loads of lovely pictures of your day to remember. And if you've enjoyed the experience why not book a whole weekend in Gypsy Rose? Experience Day Guests qualify for an exclusive 25% off a 2-night booking!

Optional Extras (depending on season) Potato-digging, PYO Apples, Figs, Grapes, Raspberries, Blackberries, Tomatoes; Rag-rug making; Learn to knit or crochet; Music Experience - try an instrument, learn a tune: Basic Wood-turning; Forest Folklore. Just ask!

Gypsy Experience for 2 includes:

  • "Elevenses"*Vegetarians, Vegans, Gluten-free options on all food
  • Unlimited Tea & Coffee all day
  • Jug of cider
  • 2-course evening meal for 2
  • Fuel for fire/s
  • Candles & lanterns
  • Take-home hamper & photos
  • Personal instruction/help/advice

                                Cost: £80 for 2

Gypsy Rose Afternoon Teas

Take Tea in Gypsy Rose, our lovely traditional gypsy wagon overlooking the brook and waterfall.
A unique romantic experience for 2!
Muffins, crumpets, home-made cakes and preserves and of course, as much tea, coffee or hot chocolate as you want, all served in Gypsy Rose.  Toast muffins and crumpets on a traditional toasting fork over the fire in the Queenie stove, boil the kettle on the cute hob and tuck in! Stay till the stars come out (or even till the sun comes up!) in the quiet. peaceful seclusion of our ancient apple orchard in the Forest of Dean.
Light candle-lanterns, light a fire and watch the sun set over the Forest; sit by the brook by firelight as the Forest day turns to dusk, buzzards go to bed and owls and bats come out...

Gypsy Rose Afternoon Teas for 2  £65.00
from 3pm - 10pm
Add an overnight stay and breakfast... £150 for 2